Clean Restrooms for a Good impression

A fancy waiting room or a grand lobby are all important when it comes to a good first impression, but make sure that your clients are not let down by run down or dirty restrooms. Many customer complaints are linked to dirty restrooms or understocked bathrooms. In restaurants especially, if diners are greeted by a dirty restroom, it is easy for them to assume that the kitchen is no better. Since restrooms can host many different types of bacteria and germs, it is crucial that they are cleaned properly and consistently. OId and broken bins, rusted soap dispensers and un-replenished washroom products don’t help to project a hygienic, welcoming impression of your business

1. Don’t let restrooms become outdated

If your facility is an older one, it is should be a priority that the bathrooms are included in any renovations so they don’t begin to look outdated. Any signs of wear and tear should be attended too. Touch-Free soup dispensers, sanitary bins, hand towel dispensers and touch free faucets are all great for stopping the spread of germs and bacteria. Using touch free products is not only good for the customers, but it is also great for the business owner. They can reduce the wastage of water and paper which can contribute to maintaining a green building.

2. Keep everything smelling fresh

Another important characteristic your users will recognize is an odor. A well-kept bathroom should have a pleasant fragrance that isn’t too strong or over powering. Air fresheners which disperse smaller particles work best as the smell remains airborne for longer and less product is used.

3.  Refill, refill, refill

Another factor to remember is keeping your restrooms well stocked with all the supplies your customers might need. There is no point in having a fancy bathroom if there is never enough toilet paper, paper towels or soap. So, make sure that these are all regularly replenished.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your customers leave your business with a good impression. Contact Rapid Hygiene to find out more about our product range. You will have full support by our highly trained staff who will make sure that all your hygiene requirements are met to an exceptional standard.

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  1. MarcioWilges
    MarcioWilges says:

    I would totally judge a business by their toilets! It says a lot about how a company does things if they aren’t even able to keep their bathrooms relatively clean and hygienic for visitors! It doesn’t take a lot of effort to bleach down the whole place and keep it scrubbed once in a while. Heck, aren’t there cleaning companies that can provide that kind of service to you even if you didn’t want to clean it yourself?


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