When they first came to the market – they were innovative. They dry your hands quickly – but are they really benefiting you? Recent research by the University of Westminster in the UK shows that, in fact, jet hand dryers are not as hygienic as we originally thought. The most obvious problem with Jet air dryers is the fact that they spray water (and germs) everywhere in the process of drying hands. These water particles are dispersed all over the bathroom often leaving bacteria airborne.  Researchers found that the bacteria spread as far as two meters away from where the people originally dried their hands.

To test exactly how the germs are spread, the researchers used a non–harmful virus MS2 and covered their gloved hands in the virus. Then they proceeded to try their hands using a jet air hand dryer like the Dyson Air blade, a standard warm air hand dryer and finally a paper towel dispenser.

The results proved to be unfortunate for the jet air hand dryer. Unlike the paper towel, the jet air dryer dispersed 1,300 times more germs than the paper towel method did. In comparison to the warm air hand dryer, it still dispersed 60 times more germs (Ossola 2016). Although these germs do not always cause illness, places where hygiene is paramount such as medical clinics or even cruise ships – jet air hand dryers should not be used.

Another issue with the jet air hand dryer is that they are often not maintained properly by the owner. Often at the bottom of the air dryer, you will notice a soapy build up. Not only does it not look pleasant but it harbors various bacteria & can have a bad odor if left there for too long.

From a hygiene standpoint – the humble paper towel proves to be the best option. This is because there is no spread of airborne bacteria or dirty soapy build up. To further reduce the spread of bacteria, the best option is to invest in a touchless paper towel dispenser. By setting the amount of paper dispensed per use – you will reduce paper wastage by as much as 40%.

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