Feminine Hygiene in the Workplace

This might not be the most talked about topic around the office, actually, it is probably the last topic of conversation to arise while you wait for the coffee van or eat your lunch, but we should shed some light on feminine hygiene in the workplace.

Women who work in typically male-dominated occupations, specifically, find that the bathrooms very rarely have any sanitary bins, in particular, ones that are regularly emptied or serviced. This can cause a lot of added discomfort to an already unpleasant situation for the female worker.

Workshops are another example. They often employ mostly male workers and don’t have bathroom facilities which cater to women. This can be very discouraging for women who work in the trade industry, construction industry or similar. Portable toilet suppliers generally do not consider the female workers on site either so it is very rare to find a regular bin in a portable toilet, let alone a sanitary bin.

Providing your female staff or customers with a discreet and hygienic place to dispose of feminine hygiene waste is crucial to maintaining a clean and pleasant washroom environment. Providing adequate sanitary bins should be a high priority in any work regardless of how many females are employed at the organization.

How can Rapid Hygiene help?

We offer sleek, modern and discrete feminine hygiene solutions. Our femcare sanitary disposal units are available in either manual or touchless and can fit easily into various bathroom designs due to their slim design.

Our femcare disposal unit uses a double-lined system for extra protection & odor elimination and is made of biodegradable materials. We can supply your office with the trusted solution to feminine hygiene. Our service staff are easy going and flexible and will fully service, maintain and sanitize the units. We would love to find out how we can help your office, call us on 1800 92 77 92 to discuss your options.


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