How dirty is your phone?

Have you ever brought your phone to the toilet?

Truth is, most of us are guilty! The thing about pocket technology is that it goes where ever you go, including the toilet. Maybe you leave it on top of the paper towel dispenser or just put it near the sink – either way, your phone is getting covered in bacteria.  What is especially unsanitary about it is how close you put it to your face and mouth on a regular basis. Remember, your phone is exposed to everything you touch. You might wash your hands all the time but that is not always enough.

Sure, you wash your hands after using the bathroom, but how often do you wipe down your phone? Did you know that the build-up of bacteria on your phone could be giving you acne or causing blackheads to develop on your face? Or worse, it can get you sick. The germs on your phone can be as harmful as E.Coli, Staph, and MRSA. However, we still rarely remember to disinfect our phones or phone cases. If you live in a warm place like Australia, the warmth will facilitate the spread of bacteria, along with your phone warming up as you use it.

While it is unlikely that reading this will make you keep your phone out of the toilet or kitchen – we hope this will remind you to keep it a little cleaner. Just keep in mind how many things you touch during the day, and how filthy your phone can get as a result of that. Practice washing your hands frequently throughout the day but remember to give your phone a daily wipe down with some disinfecting wipes just as often.

Oh and don’t forget to change your phone cover and screen protector every couple of months too!

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