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How dirty is your phone?

Have you ever brought your phone to the toilet? Truth is, most of us are guilty! The thing about pocket technology is that it goes where ever you go, including the toilet. Maybe you leave it on top of the paper towel dispenser or just put it near the sink – either way, your phone […]

Feminine Hygiene in the Workplace

This might not be the most talked about topic around the office, actually, it is probably the last topic of conversation to arise while you wait for the coffee van or eat your lunch, but we should shed some light on feminine hygiene in the workplace. Women who work in typically male-dominated occupations, specifically, find […]

Germ Hot Spots You Didn’t Know About

We all know the obvious places where you expect to find germs and bacteria. The floor, door handles, and the toilet seat are all an easy guess, but we have listed some more unexpected areas that you might be surprised aren’t as clean as you might think. 1. Your mobile Chances are that you take […]

How Clean is Your Workplace?

Maintaining a clean workplace is not always the easiest task, especially in a busy office or showroom. That being said, it is worthwhile investing in cleaning services and products which prevent the spread of germs. The office is often a breeding ground for the common cold, especially during the colder months. Keep your employee’s flu […]

Tips for Restroom Hygiene

A recent survey has found 94% of adults would avoid a business if they encountered a filthy bathroom, especially if that business is a restaurant or hotel. So, it is obvious that the state of your bathroom has a huge impact on the reputation of your business. Here are a few tips to help you […]

Clean Restrooms for a Good impression

A fancy waiting room or a grand lobby are all important when it comes to a good first impression, but make sure that your clients are not let down by run down or dirty restrooms. Many customer complaints are linked to dirty restrooms or understocked bathrooms. In restaurants especially, if diners are greeted by a […]