AirCare for washrooms

Sanitary facilities are known for unpleasant odours, infectious micro-organisms, mould and other harmful impurities as well as harsh fumes from chemical cleaners and fragrance dispensers.

Manual cleaning is only a temporary solution while scenting can be a expensive and high maintenance option while still not combating the source of the problem.

BioZone is the most advanced restroom/washroom air treatment and odour control system on the market.

BioZone destroys odours, bacteria, viruses, mould, fumes and other impurities in the air and on surfaces and excels in even the most challenging environments, such as highly trafficked areas, where other odour and hygiene control methods fail and is easy to install and requires minimal annual maintenance

AirCare for Cool Rooms / Cold Rooms

More often than not by the time you have your cool room cleaned you can already see visible signs of mould. By this stage the mould and bacteria will already be effecting your produce in you cool room. Bacteria in the air will also be on surfaces, wherever is not cleaned regularly.

Fan units in cold rooms can be a haven for mould and bacteria as they are hard to reach places when manually cleaning. BioZone’s photoplasma treats the air and surfaces between cleans and prevents large build up of slime and mould around fan units, while saving you from disposing of product due to spoil from bacteria.

2015 CNN Reports Listeria is on the rise

Listeria is hard to track – it can grow in low temperatures in refrigerated products for months, and frozen products for years. There is a number of food sources that have been linked to Listeria in the past, like soft cheeses, raw milk, smoked seafood and deli meats. In the USA alone 1600 people become affected each year, 16% of these result in death.

Click here to see the list of bacteria BioZone kills.

Of course AirCare from BioZone can treat many areas as well as washrooms and cold rooms,  it can be used in various forms of applications from refuse rooms, to areas with high vandalism as the units are vandalism proof.

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