Clinical Hygiene

Designed to be discrete, with the safety of the user in mind. Our range of clinical waste disposal units are suitable for all public areas and workplaces and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Sharp Disposal Unit

Sharps, whether needles, broken glass, razors, scalpel blades or broken plastic can cause injury through cuts and punctures. They could also be contaminated with body fluids, blood, toxins or hazardous chemicals.

Our secure sharps bins disposal service ensures disposal of hazardous waste and sharp objects in accordance with EPA regulations.

The Alsco sharps disposal unit is installed for you. Rugged, lockable sharps containers are designed with user safety as paramount.

  • Suitable for syringe and needle disposal
  • Secure steel container with dual locking system
  • Available in 1.4 litre and 7 litre containers

Clinical Waste Disposal Unit

Clinical waste, whether human or animal is present in laboratories, veterinary clinics, medical centres, dental clinics or schools. This toxic waste requires specialist disposal to avoid contamination or disease.

  • Suitable for medical waste disposal
  • Units available in a range of sizes
  • Complies with local and federal legislation