Paper Hygiene

Stop the spread of bacteria whilst doing your bit for the environment with our range of paper towel and toilet tissue dispensers.

Automatic Hand Towel Dispenser

Reduce your paper consumption by up to 40%! Our Auto towel paper towel dispenser is a controlled dispensing system that will:

  • Save your business money
  • Reduce overall waste
  • Help reduce the spread of bacteria and cross-contamination

This economical auto towel dispenser has up to a “5-second time delay” feature, significantly reducing the amount of paper used in your facility and any unnecessary waste.

All batteries are provided at no extra charge as part of the overall service.

Wastecare Bin

The Wastecare wall-mounted waste paper bin enhances the contemporary washroom with many innovative features.

The unique bag removal and replacement system ensures quick and easy servicing. Fragranced, degradable Multiliner bags in convenient 25 liner rolls are housed in the base of the bin, improving waste management in the washroom.

An easy to use manual compactor is designed to increase waste volume per liner by up to 3 times, and the large 40 litre capacity prevents overflow and extends service intervals.

Jumboroll Toilet Paper Dispenser

Our multi-roll toilet tissue dispenser not only creates space in the cubicle, but also has a unique soft-edge cutting feature that cuts through tissue effectively. The cutting blade also has antimicrobial agents added during manufacture which inhibit the growth of germs and reduces surface bacteria by up to 99.9%.