Mini Power Zone


BioZone Scientific’s  Mini PowerZone series is a leading commercial grade odour control solution for serious problems. Mini PowerZone provides on-demand chemical-free odour removal.

Deodorize hotel rooms  and other areas while eliminating odours from tobacco smoke, urine, food, pets, mould, mildew and sewage, it can also be used in remediation such as the case of a fire.

The Mini PowerZone destroys odour causing bacteria to prevent them from ever returning as covering up odours only leaves them to return later.

Save time and cost when you eliminate the odours at their source with BioZone’s Mini PowerZone.  Improve your companies image and increase customer satisfaction by providing friendlier smelling environments.

BioZone Mini PowerZone is a much faster option than other options on the market today.

Of course BioZone’s Mini PowerZone can be used in permanent applications  as well such as refuse rooms, and rooms where a higher remediation is needed.


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