Femcare Sanitary Disposal Unit

The Femcare Sanitary Disposal Unit uses biodegradable products and is environmentally friendly providing the highest levels of efficacy both in terms of bacteria kill and odour control.


  • Automatic and Manual Options
  • Easy clean ABS plastic construction.
  • Slim profile for universal cubicle access and placement.
  • Fragranced, degradable Multiliner and degradable cartridge system.
  • Long-lasting, standard C-cell batteries – Easy use and low maintenance
  • Easy to remove and replace sensor drive module electronics for service and cleaning.

Femcare uses a double lined system for extra protection and a removable chute for easy cleaning. In conjunction with the double lined system we use P-Max ®, a natural, non-toxic antimicrobial sachet placed in the interior liner that helps eliminate odour and bacteria through an advanced vapour action. The natural anti-microbial vapours then permeate the whole unit and continue to be effective even when the unit is full.

P-Max® gives an enhanced natural anti-microbial activity in lined units for a minimum of 4 weeks, up to 30% longer than most available products.

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