What is the cost of Rapid Hygiene products?

We are a full-service hygiene provider. Our Rental Service means we not only provide you with the units, we constantly maintain, replenish and service your hygiene products in accordance with a carefully worked out timetable to suit your business needs. Find out more here.

Who will install the equipment on my premises?

Our professional installation team carry out all installations. We are fully certified and insured and will install with little disruption to your business.

Can you provide a one stop shop for all our hygiene needs?

Yes we can. Rapid Hygiene can provide your business with a complete hygiene solution covering all hygiene requirements. From the washroom to kitchen and reception areas we can tailor a suitable service ensuring your premises reflects a clean, professional and hygienic image at all times. We can also take care of your Pest Control requirements. Find out more here.

Can you take care of all our bathroom and kitchen consumables?

Yes we can. A Rapid Hygiene technician will visit sites regularly to top up consumable levels in a designated storage area. Levels will be worked out based on a matrix that factors in many variables including number of employees, public vs business use, business type etc. This will ensure that you never runs out of consumables and never have to place last minute orders. It also means deliveries of consumables are no longer left in reception areas, delivery bays or other inconvenient places. Essentially it’s our stock on your premises ready for use when you need it.

Do you supply all paper consumables?

Yes we do. When you partner with us you can be ensured you’re not only receiving the dispensers but also constant maintenance and servicing of these items. You can be assured your staff and visitors won’t get a surprise when using the toilet tissue dispenser or hand towel dispensers. Both these items also use with revolutionary cost cutting technology. You could be saving up to 40% in paper waste!

What service options do you provide for feminine hygiene sanitary services?

We can service sanitary units based on your business needs – weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Our service combines discrete on-site servicing and sanitising. Our antibacterial units deodorise and sanitise your bins and unit contents is hygienically disposed of during each service. You can read more about our Femcare units here.

Why should I choose Rapid Hygiene as my feminine hygiene sanitary service provider?

Aside from the slim, professional looking design of our Femcare units, we have a unique colour coded control system which allows the client to spot check at a glance that the unit has been serviced so you can always be sure of our high standard and commitment to your hygiene requirements.

Are Rapid Hygiene’s products environmentally friendly?

Yes, many of our products reduce overall chemical usage with precision dosing and are safe for the environment. Did you know our Autotowel unit can help you save you up to 40% in paper waste? Find out more here.

How long do the soap dispensers last?

Rapid Hygiene’s range of dispensing units are extremely robust and durable. However, if they do break, under our rental service agreement you are fully covered and a replacement will be installed free of charge, we take the stress out of maintaining workplace hygiene.

Are the dispensers easy to keep clean?

Yes, unlike some older stainless steel dispensing units, our dispensers have “fingerprint” resistant surfaces and are easy to clean and maintain.