Case Studies – Refuse Rooms Grease Traps

Sydney International Airport NSW came to us with odours in their refuse room, After installing BioZone the issue has been resolved and they are now installing BioZone into other areas of their premises.

Treasury Casino and Hotel Brisbane have installed BioZone in their refuse room to combat the odours, bacteria yeast and mould that is prevalent t in refuse rooms, with great results.

Royal Pines Resort Gold Coast had major odour issues in their refuse room, after installing BioZone they now have a much better environment that is less contaminated by odours and bacteria.

Qantas Catering Perth use BioZone for odours in their refuse room with great results.

Centro Surfers Paradise uses BioZone to solver their issues with odours in the refuse room, they loved it so much they also use BioZone in their housekeeping department.

Novotel Melbourne VIC uses BioZone for their refuse room and now uses our portable options for their housekeeping department keeping guestrooms fresh.

Alpha Flight Services Adelaide SA use BioZone to reduce odours in their refuse rooms.

Federation Centre Surfers Paradise QLD use BioZone to combat odours in their refuse room.