Case Studies – Public Area Washrooms


Gold Coast Airport QLD have installed  BioZone AirCare units in their washrooms, giving their customers and staff a much healthier environment.

Ingham  in QLD use BioZone to keep their washrooms free from odours with great success.

Westfield Shopping Centres in some locations around Australia have installed BioZone to solve odour issues in their washrooms making it a better experience for customers and staff.

The Paradise Centre Surfers Paradise QLD have BioZone installed in their washrooms and rubbish rooms to give their customers a fresher cleaner environment.

The QLD Lions Soccer Club Richlands QLD have BioZone installed in their washroom to treat odours and give a fresher environment.

Visy recycling in Sydney NSW installed BioZone in their washroom to combat odours due to heavy traffic.

Viadux Currumbin QLD installed BioZone to keep their restrooms clean and hygienic.

BioZone units were installed in Washrooms which suffered odour problems, due to the high volume of usage. BioZone units have now successfully removed all odours and now provide fresh washroom air, creating a healthier environment Click HERE to see the Heathrow Airport Testimonial

IKEA had an issue with odours in a washroom due to diapers causing a strong odour and thousands of users weekly with customers and staff, after installing BioZone customers noted a concrete change in air quality and Ikea installed another 15 units on their premises.

Orlando International Airport uses BioZone for their heavily trafficked washrooms to combat odours.